5 Festive Feasts Worth Your Time (and Calories)!

Festive meals are a dime a dozen these days, and everyone is pulling out all the stops for the year-end festive feasting that’s bound to happen. I’ve always believed that a good feast needs to prize quality over quantity and focus on a unique experience over just eating a lot. That’s why this year, I’ve assembled 5 Festive Feasts you can safely hold your office Christmas party or Family New Year Dinner. Ready? Here we go!



If you’re a regular on my site, you’ll know my intense affair with meat, especially when it comes to beef. But it’s hard to find well-cooked, high quality meats at a buffet because the meat cuts are usually not as premium and not as well tended to. Carnivore doesn’t have that problem.

The Brazilian Churrascaria’s Passador Service ensures that meats are served straight to you by a Passador, who will show up at your table with giant skewers (!) of meat and carve it there and then for you. I really like this, because it ensures meats are served at optimum juiciness! Best of all, the meats will be on free-flow, so you’re getting non-stop high quality cuts.

Carnivore is indeed indulgent, so there’s no better time to go than during Christmas and New Year, and I heard that each outlet will have a different, exclusive meat carving for dinner. There’ll be Wagyu Rump (MBS), Picanha (Grandstand) and Barbecued USDA Choice Top Sirloin (CHIJMES). Want more details? Carnivore’s festive year end specials can be found here.

PARKROYAL on Pickering – Lime


This one’s a little more offbeat, and I like this adventurous streak that Lime has embraced. They’ve got items like Pacific Ocean Oysters, Alaskan King Crab Legs, Blue Swimmer Crab and King Prawns. Then they embrace local cuisine with things like Maine Lobster Laksa and Bandung with White Chocolate log cake, while they promise Live Stations that serve up durian crepes. Talk about putting local twists into buffets, eh?

This Quirky Christmas Buffet is ready for prime time, so if you want to find out a little more, head on down here.

St. Regis – Brasserie Les Saveurs

This is probably going to be the pricier buffet of the lot, but it’s at the Regis, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


If you’re one of those traditionalists, then you won’t be complaining about the price tag. They’ll be trying to get you to stuff yourself silly with things like shoulder of grain-fed lamb, roasted turkey with buttered Brussels sprouts, chestnuts & caramelised yam and even a glazed backgammon ham. I did say “traditionalists”, didn’t I?

The Westin – Seasonal Tastes


The Westin’s Festive dining comes with a spectacular view at their Seasonal Tastes restaurant on the 32rd floor. Their Christmas Eve Lunch Menu is as indulgent as you’d expect it to be, with items like Whole Roasted Turkey wrapped with Smoked Bacon, Slow-roasted Striploin with Black Pepper Crust, and Chocolate, Whiskey & Chestnut Yule Log.

The Christmas Eve, Christmas Brunch and Christmas Day Dinner will be even more extravagant, with flavorful table mainstays such as Whole Roasted Baby Lamb, Leg of Ham stuffed with Turkey and Roasted Peppers, and Whole Baked Salmon with Curry Scallops accompanied by the freshest selection of crabs, prawns, half-shell scallops, lobsters and freshly-shucked oysters. They’ll even have free-flow champagne! You can find out more right here.



Monti totally deserves a special mention for their Sharing Concept. Their Christmas Day Brunch is a classic Italian Christmas menu that comprises of openers like Pork Rilette, Hamachi Carpaccio with eel, homemade pastas and mains like 7 hour baked lamb shoulders and Pork Loin slow cooked with capers and milk. You’ll get to share it all with your brunch party! After all, isn’t this the season for sharing?

This post was brought to you by the good folks at Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria, which offers an authentic Brazilian Barbecue experience, complete with Passadors carving meats right onto your plates!


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