4 More Tips for Writing Great Love Letters

A lot of my readers out there have been looking for some help in writing love letters, and judging from the number of search queries for “how to write love letters” coming into this site, it seems like 9 tips just isn’t enough. So, here’s 5 more for you budding love letter writers out there.

1. Remember it’s like nothing you’ve ever written before


A love letter is unlike any piece of writing you have every written in your life. It’s unique to the writer and the receiver, it addresses things only you and your lover know. Therefore: It’s your little secret. You need to sit down and think about what special moments you’ve had together. When you write, don’t be shy about it. Instead, start with “Remember the time…” or “When we went to…” and treat it like you’re talking to her/him. It should feel as easy as shooting the breeze with your partner, but as meaningful as when you first held hands.

2. Be Short & Succinct


Write in short sentences no more than 10-12 words. Use small, uncomplicated words and keep it to one page. The best love letters are the ones you don’t refer to a Thesaurus for.

Aim for simplicity. You don’t need to write: “You look so beautiful, every time I gaze upon you, my breath gets stolen away by the way you look”.

Please just say: “Your beauty steals my breath away.” 

Same meaning, but you convey a stronger message with short sentences.

3. Cut the fat


So you’re done with the first draft? Great!

Now aim to cut it down by 20%.

Here’s how:

  • Cut long sentences by finding words that can take the place of phrases.
  • Take away superfluous words
  • Break up your paragraphs.
  • Always ask yourself “How can I make it simpler to read?”

Go over it multiple times, never allow yourself to waste words for personal indulgence.

4. Write it when you miss her


You’re going to have plenty of time to write. But there’s going to be a moment when you’re in the perfect mental zone to do so. That moment is when you miss her. It could be in the silence of the night, or the heat of the day. Whatever time it is, that’s the time for you to write. You’ll remember memories and be able to chain your words together better. Your memories and motivations will be primed to create the most meaningful letter for her.

Remember, nothing beats a good love letter, except maybe a good poem for her. But that’s another secret for another day. 😉

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