5 Greatest Singaporean MRT Woes

Everyday, 2.5 million people ride the MRT. That’s 2.5 million potentially pissed off people, morning to night.

Here’s what pisses me off, every single day.

1. Manspreading

When I’m sitting next to you, and you do this like you have gigantic invisible dinosaur balls:

YTczNWJmODUzMyMva0NZWm9zZFRGdEhKRG5OWnR5cnNPQmh3SlRvPS8weDI4MDoxMjY2eDEwODAvODQweDUzMC9maWx0ZXJzOnF1YWxpdHkoNzApL2h0dHA6Ly9zMy5hbWF6b25hd3MuY29tL3BvbGljeW1pYy1pbWFnZXMvcGIxdG9mM3VpcnUyZHB5bWJ2YmgwY3d5bmRhdnd3aGUxZ3o4ZGh5eWJ0Z2JjYWRyNmI4emR6ejB3eWZ2eWThen you kinda make me want to set your balls on fire and do this:

tee off

2. When people #clusterfuck at the door…

You’re familiar with that boiling anger when the door is like this:



but the inside is actually like this:

Population Debate In Singapore Fueled By Government White Paper


It just makes me wanna just smash something. Anything.


3. When it stinks in the morning

You know exactly how this happens. The door opens, people walk in. There’s nothing at first, but as the train starts to move and the air inside moves along with it, you start to think you’re downwind from a pig farm.

You really want to react like this…


But you rein yourself in and be all polite like

subtle gross

4. It’s peak hour and you see pole dancers

You see people just leaning on those poles you desperately need to hold on to and they think they’re like

sexy pole dance


You secretly wish they’ll somehow end up like this guy

Fail Pole dance


5. When people just don’t give a shit

You want to get off the train but everyone just behaves like they’ll die if they don’t get on so they just rush you in the face.



and all you can do is to get bounced around while you mentally cry for help

help me


So. What’s YOUR greatest public transport woe?


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  1. Mysterious says:

    This is funny reality!!

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