5 movies to watch in 2015

Movie tickets are expensive. I’m here to save you some money.

I’m going to say it right now: I’m not going to include some indie movie you’ve never heard of. Also, 50 shades of grey is not on this list. Instead, I’m going to go into movie that both you and I would definitely pay that $10.50 (or $12 or whatever) to sit in a dark room and watch with other possibly annoying human beings. Movies are also not ranked in any particular order.



The premise of Chappie is appealing. Chappie is an experimental robot, imbued with Artificial Intelligence. He is built to learn and feel, something that has never been done before. This movie is particularly interesting, considering the era of AI that we’re in, and would be an interesting perspective to how we should view AI.

Sci-Fi/Action movie heavy weights Hugh Jackman and Sigourney Weaver star in this movie directed by the same guy that did District 9, Neil Blomkamp.

Avengers: Age of Ultron


I can hear the groans already. But don’t tell me you didn’t know this was coming. The first Avengers was big and bombastic, this one promises to do it all over again, and them some. Interestingly enough, the movie’s bad guy is also an Artificial Intelligence. Created by Tony Stark, Ultron gains sentience and proceeds to deduce that the world is better off without humans in existence.Perhaps 2015 is truly the year AI goes mainsteam.

Robert Downey Jr. and gang returns, with new additions in the form of Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch) and Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Quicksilver). This one’s gonna be a HUGE summer blockbuster.

Pitch Perfect 2

In essence, Pitch Perfect is the Step Up of Acapella movies. The only difference is that Step up never had the hilarious Rebel Wilson or the character of Anna Kendrick.

Pitch Perfect 2 is the perfect movie for when you want to switch off and laugh for a bit.

The Imitation Game


This one’s close to my heart, and one of my personal must-watch movies this year. I’m actually thinking of catching this during the weekend. Bendict Cumberbatch plays pioneer computer scientist and renowned mathematician, Alan Turing. Turing was most famous for breaking the encryption of German Enigma Machines and turning the tide of World War 2.

The Imitation Game explores Turing’s life, and shows how even a hero be reviled and hurt by the very people he saved, just for being himself. In this case, Turing was jailed and subsequently chemically castrated for being homosexual.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

If you’ve never watched a single Star Wars movie before, this is the movie to start with. J.J Abrams rebooted Star Trek, lens-flare and all, into an extremely accessible movie while leaving the lore intact. While there has been noise made by fanboys about the cross-guard lightsaber, everything else in the trailer screams “THIS IS GOING TO BE GREAT”.

Disney hasn’t disappointed with its Marvel Movies and I hope they won’t fail with this highly-anticipated franchise.

Well, these are my 5 must-watch movies of the year. What are yours?

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