5 Stages of Fast Food Guilt

You know what sucks about eating fast food? The fact that everyone says it’s bad for you.

You know what’s worse? That you know it’s bad for you.

Guess what? I know you still eat it, because I do too.

No judging.

Who doesn’t love a good binge out? A juicy box of fried chicken, Golden fries and a huge cup of ice cold Coca-cola.

Aw Yeah.

Aw Yeah.

It’s only until you tuck into that meal, that you start to feel a little different. Believe me, I had a huge pizza recently.

You’re ELATED!

All Fast Food Meals start like that.
You can’t stop thinking about sinking your teeth into that burger.
You want that giant piece of cow meat in yo’ face.
You. Cannot. Wait. Anymore.

Mmmmmm… Satisfaction

Aw yeah. Dat fuud iz in yo’ faise.

That warm, fuzzy feeling as the salt and oil sends you into a state of temporary bliss. You follow that up with your first gulp of Iced-Cold Coke.
Of course, you upsized it.
And DAMN does that feel GOOD.

Wait a minute…

Now that you’re not that hungry, you slow down the process of shovelling food into your mouth. At that exact moment, it hits you.

There's so much clarity.

There’s so much clarity.

You’ve just done the thing you promised yourself not to do. You know, that whole “I’ll not eat junk food anymore” promise that you made LAST WEEK after you had your last binge?
Yeah. That one.

Aw hell no.

Now you got to start all over again from scratch. You lasted so long without this, and now you’ve fallen of the bandwagon. You feel like you can’t do this no mo’

Also, you still have half a burger left to finish.

You’ll do better next time

Hey, at least you tried. Next time you’ll find a better way. Maybe you’ll eat a little bit more for lunch so you won’t feel so ravenous. Perhaps you’ll steer clear of that McDonald’s on your way home.


In all seriousness, I just want to say that it’s alright if you fell off the wagon today. It doesn’t matter how long of a streak you broke. Instead, I want you to remember that you shouldn’t feel bad about eating fast food/missing that workout/sleeping in more. If you’re not aiming to be in a physical competition of any kind, it’s not a requirement to #eatclean and be like all #fitspo everyday.

Cut yourself some slack, be happy and remember that consistency is the key to your happiness. It’s not a license to destroy your body, just a license to give yourself a little slice of heaven.

Just don’t consistently eat burgers then bum around.

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