6 most WTF Taiwanese Celebrity Names

I’ve been wanting to do this one for a while now. I’ve never gotten the naming convention for Taiwanese Stage names. Some of them make zero sense, some have ultra bad spelling and some are just plain wrong. Like the ones on this list…

Show Luo


Okay, so you think you’re really cool. You can also put up a Show. So you decided to just call yourself Show? If you were trying to be smart, you just proved otherwise.

Jam Hsiao


Yes his responds to the call for “jam”. Why someone would name himself after pureed & caramelised fruit is beyond me. Worse still, if you’re going crazy while stuck in a jam, it’s his full stage name. I CANNOT EVEN.

Alien Huang


Really? You’re going to name yourself after an extra-terrestrial being? Is this because you think you’re out of this world? Gimme a break man.

Deserts Chang


She’s not even named after sweet desserts. She called herself a DESERT. Dry, arid and merciless. She doesn’t even project a badass image. No. Just no.

Mini Chang


No relation to Deserts Chang, but just as ridiculous. I wanted to find out if she was really mini in size but her Facebook photos show her as very average in size.

Rainie Yang


This one takes the cake, and eats it in one bite. What the heck kind of spelling is this? Also, why would you want to name yourself after inclement weather when you look like sunbeams radiate from your ass?


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  2. Kevin says:

    When I heard about Jam, I wasn’t sure if I heard correctly. Turns out he’s one of my friend’s favorite artist, but I’m still amazed at the name he chose 😛

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