8 Types of Moustaches and Beards

The right type of moustache or beards should lend an air of authority and charisma to its wearer. A good-looking facial hair helps to leave a defining first impression, add a notch to manliness and a sure-fire conversation topic.

This Movember, if you or your beau (if you’re a woman) are thinking of keeping facial hair to drum up awareness for men’s cancer, take your pick from one of these eight styles:

 #1 The Classic

Source: nbcarksandrec tumblr

Source: nbcarksandrec tumblr

This is THE classic. The original. The one.

Not all men can wear this one. It’s simple and understated, yet leaves a deep impact. It’s no wonder that the super manly Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) of hit TV show Parks and Recreation wears this iconic moustache.

#2 The Handlebar

The Old School Handlebar

Source: myepicmoustache blogspot

Handlebar moustaches have had a bad reputation. Forget Salvatore Dali’s crazy take on the handlebar moustache and look that this well-groomed specimen.

With just enough moustache wax, the tips are curled upwards to give an accent to an otherwise classic moustache look. Handlebars are a great variation for guys who can grow out that extra bit of hair.

#3 The Chaplin

The Chaplin drmacro.com

Source: drmacro.com

Deceptively simple and rather cute, this moustache style was immortalised by Charlie Chaplin. It is difficult to maintain, and not everyone can pull it off. For a start, you have to grow out your moustache and then make very sure that your first shave is perfect in order to leave behind just the right amount of moustache. After that, it takes consistent effort to keep the look clean.

#4 The Horseshoe

Source: wow247.com

Source: wow247.com

Suited only for men who are willing to spend precious time shaping their moustaches, the Horseshoe is a memorable look to have. While some men might scoff at this look, many leading Hollywood men, like Samuel L. Jackson, Jeff Bridges, John Travolta and Ben Stiller have rocked the Horseshoe.

#5 The Pencil

Source: mensxp.com

Source: mensxp.com

The Pencil is the most misunderstood moustache, stereotyped into association with being “creepy”. Pencil Moustaches are perfect for guys who can’t grow their faical hair beyond a certain point, either due to genetics or job description, but still want to possess a moustache that exudes class and cool. Here, Brad Pitt shows everyone exactly how hot Pencil moustaches can get. Then again, he’s Brad Pitt.

#6 The 5 0′ clock

Source: dailymail.co.uk

Source: dailymail.co.uk

Say hello to Mr Scott Eastwood, the hottest of the Eastwood siblings. Old man Clint’s manly genes certainly rubbed off on Scott. Just look at that well-maintained 5 o’clock beard and moustache combination. You’re welcome, ladies.

 #7 The Woodsman

Source: hotbeardedguys.tumblr.com

Source: hotbeardedguys.tumblr.com

The Woodsmen isn’t the most kissable type, but it certainly is one of the manliest. Rough-looking and thick, this moustache and beard combination adds strength and definition to a man’s face, especially his chin area. When paired with stylish swept-back hair, it can be downright charming.

#8 The Bearded Hipster

The Epic hotbeardedguys.tumblr

Source: hotbeardedguys.tumblr.com

This moustache and beard combo requires some serious styling and effort to pull off. A Woodsman Beard needs to be grown out first, then manicured into shape. The final touch is to use wax for that distinctive contour on the top. Lots of work, but what a payoff!

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