Unlocking the Secret Japanese Emoji Board on your iPhone

When the iPhone Emoji Keyboard just doesn’t cut it anymore, you have to call in the big guns, and the big guns of cute are, clearly, the Japanese. Hello-Kitty

Today, I present to you the ultimate shortcut to all the cute you can send out of your iPhone with the Japanese Emoji Keyboard. The Japanese Emoji Keyboard is actually hidden away as a subset of a larger keyboard set, so it’ll take a while to set up. However, once you DO set it up, you’re set up for a lifetime of special Emojis. Here we go…

It’s Emoji Time!

Open up your settings and scroll down to “General”. OK OK I get it, I haven’t updated my iOS to the latest version, but this is not about me. This is about you!

2 Select General

NOW, tap on “Keyboard”

3 Select Keyboard

Depending on how many languages you type in, the number of keyboards you have may vary. Open that up…

4 Choose Keyboard

… and select “Japanese” from the very very long list.

5 Select Japanese

Here’s the crucial part!

You have to choose the “Kana” keyboard, don’t mess this one up!


7 Kana Chosen

Alright! You’re set! Now time to try it out…

Now, in ANY messaging app or even in a Facebook Comment, bring up the keyboard list by tapping and holding down on the globe icon…

8 Switch out when texting


Select the Japanese Keyboard and you’ll see the keyboard change. Now see that cute smiley face at the bottom? Tap on that!

9 Tap on that happy face


It will bring up a row of cute faces for you to tap on, but that’s not enough, is it?

10 Tap on that arrow on the right


Are you ready for an unstoppable barrage of Emoji awesomeness?

11 Kana Emoji

12 Kana Emoji 2 13 Kana Emoji 3 14 Kana Emoji 4

Okay! We’re done here! Now go have fun sending these new emoji to your friends!

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