Beard Oil: A few drops a day keeps your beard from going astray

The good people from The Panic Room heard about my ever-growing beard and sent us some beard oil samples to try out. I tried two different brands of beard oil that use different ingredients, each for one full week to fully understand each oil before I wrote this post.

Dream Beard Oil – The Mechanic


The Dream Beard brand is known for their many beard shampoos, conditioners and oils. I personally love the names they use for their beard oils, like “The Lumberjack”. I got a vial of “The Mechanic” which did make me smell a little like a manly-man mechanic, but in the best possible way.



The Mechanic beard oil uses a mix of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), jojoba oil, vitamin E rosemary, vegan musk, bergamot, fir needle and frankincense. While most of the herbal ingredients are there to give a sweet-smelling scent, the first three ingredients are important for nourishing both the underlying skin as well as beard hair. Jojoba and EVOO work together to moisturise and condition the skin while Vitamin E helps prevent split-ends on the beard hair.

Having used it for a week, I must say that my beard did become more manageable. It was smoother and I encountered less stray strands of beard hair during my morning maintenance routine.

My honest take is that it smelt a little too strong for me. The combination of the frankincense and rosemary is obvious upon application and stays on for quite a while. I recommend ordering samplers before you get a full-sized bottle, to see if you like the smell.

Beardbrand – Spiced Citrus


Beardbrand’s slogan is “Style for the Urban Beardsman” and endeavours to provide the tools necessary for men to feel confident about growing their beard.

Beardbrand doesn’t try to give its products fancy names. Instead, it delivers simple products that are user-friendly. The Panic Room sent me a vial of their Spiced Citrus, which contains Jojoba, grapeseed, almond, castor, vanilla, clove and grapefruit. The first three ingredients help to nourish hair and skin, while the others deliver fragrance. Instead of EVOO, Beardbrand uses grapeseed oil which has a higher concentration of Linoleic acid. Linoleic acid has anti-inflammatory, acne reductive, and moisture retentive properties on skin.



After one week of daily application, I also felt that my beard was softer and smoother than before. I found that the beard strands were stronger and the underlying skin was less irritable.

Beardbrand’s Spiced Citrus beard oil carries a refreshing scent. Upon application, I could smell the grapefruit and clove; it is citrusy and just slightly spicy. The beard oil stays on for a full work day, so you needn’t reapply. However, if you’re worried about having a slightly oily beard while you’re working, then my recommendation is to apply before you go to sleep.

The Round-Up

Both Dream Beard’s The Mechanic and Beardbrand’s Spiced Citrus are available for online ordering at The Panic Room’s Webstore. Do check them out, as they also have some really good beard waxes and pomades for styling too!

This article was originally written for Daily Vanity. Check their website out for more awesome articles!

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  1. Anyone with a beard should have some beard oil in their beard grooming kit! Not only does it keep beard from going astray it also makes your beard smell great!

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