A Call from Kobe’s Founder Regarding That One-Sided Influencer Agreement

So, it seems like this post has been making some rounds.

So much so that Kobe’s Founder, Evangeline Leong, dropped me an email. Now, whenever I get an email from a person/organisation I called out on the internet for some suspect practices, I tend to brace myself for a fight of sorts. I mean, she did ask for my number right off the bat.


oh shit

I did think about just not responding, but a quick discussion with a friend got me thinking about how I could best deal with this for the most positive outcome. I gave Evangeline my number, and then waited.


Then my phone rang…

… and what happened next will surprise you (haha clickbait title!) Why? Because Evangeline was calling to assure me that keeping rights to content creator’s work was never her intent. She was very forthcoming in her intents to clear this up, and actually told me that they’ve amended the Terms & Conditions to reflect the values of Kobe.


Ok, NO, I didn’t actually react like that but you get the idea.

This is why I’ve been keeping watch

I think sometimes, we look the other way when we want to make money, or get a little bit of fame. We take a gamble every time we make a move. Sometimes, it works out. Other times, it comes back to bite you in the ass. If it’s an office thing, at least you have the backing of the company and the worst thing that could happen is that you get fired.

But if it’s you, and you alone, then you’re going to be the one (potentially) going up against a company when a conflict comes. This, is why we should read agreements, and call out terms we think might be disadvantageous to us. Remember: Use the voice you have to make a difference.

Shout out to the good people at Kobe for coming out and rectifying this quickly. I’m sure content creators here will have new found confidence in you!

Until next time,

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