Classic Pleasure: Morganfield’s Craft Beer, Ribs and Wings at Orchard Central

Before I begin, I just want to mention that Orchard Central is doing a kick ass job in this whole turnaround of the business. It’s finally fixed its first floor after doing away with Everything With Fries, gotten Don Don Donki to liven up its Basement Space when Tokyu Hands failed to do so, and now, it’s brought in what I think is the right restaurant for its upper floors with Morganfield’s.


If you’re looking for a place that serves up some good food and beer to chill out at, then Orchard Central’s newly opened Morganfield’s is going to be your thing. Unlike its other outlets in Singapore, this new one has what it calls Bar MF, a craft beer focused bar that will serve up to 10 different craft beers. These beers will change as time passes, and the bartenders will be on standby to recommend beers that suit your tongue. Incidentally, this is the highest craft beer garden in Singapore, with a pretty nice view of Orchard Row.

I think Morganfield’s has a nice atmosphere, but some people ask if the food is good. I’ll be honest: It’s a mixed bag, but if you pick your shots, you’ll end up with a solid, hearty dinner with your friends. I tried the Christmas Menu, which is available from the 13th to 30th December. Here’s what you should be ordering:

Sliders, Wings and a Surprise Winner…



I think you should give the sliders a shot. These aren’t your typical patty based sliders, so I like that. They’re basically mini burger buns stuffed with whatever flavour of pulled pork you choose. I recommend trying the Garlic BBQ, Hickory BBQ and the Kansas Sweet BBQ versions. In particular, the Hickory BBQ flavour works here because it’s strong enough flavour wise to get over the bun’s neutral taste.


Those wings are going to sell so well with the craft beer. There’s almost nothing that will go easier than crispy wings and Beerfield’s West Coast Lager which is currently on tap at the bar. What’s the win here? Well, for some reason, the batter and seasoning of the wings remind me of a very savoury Har Cheong Gai (Prawn Paste) Chicken. However, it’s not too overpowering, so you won’t tire out halfway from eating this delectable treat.


The surprise win for Morganfield’s here is Crackling Pork Roast. Firstly, when served hot, the skin does crackle a little when you chow down on it. I didn’t expect it to be as crackly as homemade pork roast, but it gave me good reason to pause when I got a serviceable crackle in my mouth. But we’re not done, because this Pork Roast is hella juicy. It was a pleasant surprise for me, as I’ve had too many dried out slabs of pork roast in the past few years and was expecting something along those lines.

No Bones about Sticky Bones


For a casual dining chain, Morganfield’s totally crushed it with their Sticky Ribs. I think they deserve nothing more than solid applause for making this offering a solid one. I really liked it that they went for some authentic, prime pork ribs that are first slow-cooked, then smoked to tender perfection. Again, out of all the flavours, I liked the Hickory BBQ sauce the best.

A Smart Combination

I must say Morganfield’s maiden foray into merging a craft beer into their current set up is the right move. Savoury meats tend to go well with beers, and all the better if these beers carry flavour profiles that aren’t overbearing or ridiculously heavy. If you’re in Orchard Road with a bunch of friends, Morganfield’s is a good place to kick back, have a beer and chow down on some easy eating ribs and wings!


Opening Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 11am – 11pm, Friday – Saturday/Public Holiday Eve: 11am – Midnight

Accepted Payment: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX

Corkage fee: Wine – S$25 per bottle / Hard Liquor – S$50 per bottle

Reservations: Call 6634 1828




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