Forget Snazzy Italian and Embrace Homely Trattoria Amanda

Quick Note before the review: I went for this on my own, and paid for this meal myself

I was first told about Trattoria Amanda’s solid food and service from a close foodie friend in the office, and decided to head over for a meal with Sheena. Long story short: Trattoria Amanda is home, or perhaps, it’s more the fact that it feels like a home that matters. Today’s focus on heavily-instagrammable food and snazzy decor has taken away a large chunk of warmth from dining out, but Mr Salvatore brings back the homeliness & warmth of Italian with panaché!

Just a quick appetiser of black truffle on Bread!

Good Openings

The two of us started with a glass of Carpazo Sangiovese ($18++ per glass, $88++ per bottle). I initially didn’t know what to order, but Mr. Salvatore recommended something medium-bodied to start our night. It was a definite hit for Sheena and I, mostly because of it’s easy-drinking nature.

Look at the Striation of the Fat

The wine started off sweet, and finished strong, so it was a perfect partner for the Burratina e Parma Ham ($36++), a combination of milky Burratina cheese and very well-made parma ham imported from Italy. Unlike most places, I think the Parma Ham imparted a flavour that helped cut through the heavy milkiness of the Burratina cheese without being too salty. Top marks also for the salad underneath with those super sweet tomatoes!

Classic Mains

It was time for our main course, and our friendly waitress’ introductions did not disappoint me.

The off-the-menu Veal Shank ($38++) landed in front of me, while the Casereccia Ravioli All Aragosta ($42) was served piping hot to Sheena.

First, the Ravioli: Stuffed full of lobster, and lovingly cooked with a tomato sauce made in-house, this was a flavour bomb waiting to happen. There’s something about fresh seafood that gives any dish an added spike to the flavour profile, and this was exactly what the lobster lent to the dish. This is a hearty dish that holds nothing back.

The Veal Shank is most definitely for meat lovers. This combination of tender, slow-cooked Veal, mashed potatoes and green peas is a win in my book because of its simplicity. There wasn’t much to distract me from the well-seasoned protein which yielded easily to my fork, and I enjoyed the smoothness of the mashed potatoes.

Crunchin’ Cannoli

There’s one clear choice to end the night: the Cannoli Siciliani Con Ricotta ($12). It didn’t look like much, so I was actually quite sceptical. However, the crunch on the Cannoli was just so enjoyable and addictive, and when I hit the slightly gritty Ricotta cheese, all resistance to this dish melted away. The kicker is the dusting of pistachio that gives this dessert another dimension of flavour and fragrance.

The Panna Cotta was not bad too

Closing Thoughts

Trattoria Amanda is not for a fancy night out. Instead, this place is more like a second home, a place for an awesome evening with friends or loved ones. It’s a place for quiet laughter over a pizza and hearty conversation while slurping on pasta. Add a bottle of wine and warm service for a perfect evening with those closest to your hearts.

Well done, Mr. Salvatore. We will be back!


What: Trattoria Amanda

Where: 14 Stanley Street

Must Orders: Burratina & Parma Ham, Lobster Ravioli, Ricotta Cannoli

Opening Hours:

Closed on Sundays

11.30 am to 3 pm (Lunch), 5 pm to 8 pm​ (​Aperitivo), 5.30 pm to 12 am (Dinner)

(Last order for food 10.30pm)

Reservations: 6222 5808 or book via Chope

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