Guys, want a Valentine’s Day Date? Here’s a Tinder Secret to up your game…

I love a good data drop, and it’s almost always even better if the data is about Tinder. Plenty of you have come back to this site to pick up tips to up your Tinder Game, so it’s only natural for me to help you out just a little bit more.

After fussing over your profile pic and coming up with a witty profile bio, some of you might still be struggling with getting matches. Well, here’s data to the rescue.

Trust the Data, right?

Trust the Data, right?

The guys at Nielsen took on the task of collecting data and tracking usage on Tinder (and OKC) and came up with some really interesting usage patterns. Most people think that Tinder most active during late nights. That’s not correct. In fact, usage starts dipping rapidly after 10pm. The Golden Hour is 8-9pm.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 3.33.58 pm

That’s the post dinner, sit down on your couch moment. Most people are probably assessing their dates, and doing a few swipes of their own.

Notice that commute times, as well as lunchtimes, also have minor spikes in usage. Of course, the problem is that some people are embarrassed about swiping and chatting/flirting with someone while they’re on a train.

Move her off Tinder!


Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 3.37.30 pm

Key thing to note here: While 8-9pm is still the magic hour for Tinder, Facebook Messenger and Snapchat is way quieter at at time. This means that whenever you have a match in the evenings, you should keep chatting with him/her on Tinder if it’s before 9pm. Get his/her number before that so you can move things to Whatsapp!

So, a quick recap:

  • Swipe on your way to work, and on your way back from work.
  • Try to chat actively between 8-9pm.
  • Try to get a phone number before 9pm.
  • Text him/her on Whatsapp the next day and set up a date!

Now, go get that Valentine’s Day date!

Wanna read the entire report from Nielsen? It’s here

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