I found Lazada Coupon Codes with ShopBack!

I’m not a huge online shopper, but I do make a lot of BookDepository and Steam purchases for myself through the year. The thing that’s stopping me from buying larger items like electronic goods is that delivery from Amazon is slow (I’m impatient I admit) and I still think that IT Shows are a pretty good place to buy my electronics.

But what if I didn’t want to wait till the next IT Show?

Well, I’m glad you asked, because I have this same feeling sometimes. Like when that sexy laptop calls out seductively with the promise of gaming in 1080p high-def and you just have to get it. Or when you want to get a new gaming mouse but don’t want to travel specially to get it from that one vendor you know at Sim Lim.

That’s when Shopback comes into play. ShopBack is a site which gives you cash back on all your online purchases.

ShopBack main Screen

When you buy something from one of their partner sites, ShopBack gives you CashBack that you can actually cash out to your bank account! It’s super easy to use, as you can see here:

How to Use ShopBack

I know, you’re asking me why I should go through another site, when Lazada already gives discounts, right?

ShopBack Lazada Page

You see, I sure can just go to Lazada, but ShopBack’s Lazada coupon codes mean that I can get a cash back on top of Lazada’s prices. So, Why NOT right? Lazada isn’t the only site, of course. There’s a whole bunch of other deals and offers on electronics on ShopBack.

But what about other types of online purchases?

They’ve got those covered for you as well. In fact, your (and everyone else’s favourite) online shopping site, TaoBao, is also covered by ShopBack. You can find some of the latest TaoBao promotions.

ShopBack TaoBao

For some purchases on TaoBao, there’s a possibility of getting 16% cashback (holy cow), which can amount to a ton of money saved. In case you’re wondering, ShopBack has a guide for you to make sure your purchases from TaoBao arrives at your doorstep quickly and safely with your cash back of course!

While I was clicking around, I found out that one of my favourite sites, HipVan, is also included! YAY for cash back on super cool furniture and awesome stuff like this collar pin.

HipVan page

Most major sites, including Expedia, Rakuten, ASOS, eBay, Luxola, etc are covered. Some services, like FoodPanda and Redmart, are also covered by them. I guess in theory, I could even get some cash back for my meal orders! During my time clicking around on ShopBack, I found the site pretty easy to use and looking for deals was pretty easy as well. Looks like I’ll be using ShopBack for my online purchases in the future.

This post was produced in partnership with Shopback, which gives year round deals from hundreds of retailers. All content was written by 5meanders.com

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