Jimmy Chok: Food Blogger Hater Extraordinaire

Today’s Six-Six article Jimmy Chok hates food bloggers is a man railing against the injustice that is the Food Blogger. He’s also what I call “an idiot”. Interestingly enough,

There. I said it: I think his views are stupid. For a man who’s opened up restaurants like Salt Restaurant, Coriander Leaf and Bistro Soori, he’s not been smart about what he’s said about Bloggers. I mean, here’s what he said:

I hate them. [Laughs] Food bloggers and writers are the most feared, (speaking) as a chef.

Food bloggers, in particular now, are very young people, okay? Are very young people.

I’ve been learning 20 years how to cook and I’m still learning after 20 years. How can a 20-year-old come and tell me he can eat better than…

I’ve lost a lot of respect for bloggers, seriously.

They are all paid, they are doing it for the money. There’s an incident once he argued with a restaurant over a review? He brought four person to go and eat at a restaurant but he was only invited one person. Isn’t that taking advantage of the situation? It’s not the first time things ever happen. So I’m sorry, you know, ya, you want to do this as a career, fine, but don’t do it at other people’s expense.

I feel very strongly about these things but a lot of times when I say this, no one dares to write it. They scared they offend people. I even have magazines come to me and say… If you dare to write what I say, I’ll say it. You don’t want to write just to be nice, then don’t ask me questions.

An Unappreciative Idiot.

Remember when you opened Bistro Soori? CNN said you were back, and that Chef Chok 2.0 was here and that you’d “make some money” this time. Yeah you’d know. After all, we know how your last venture, Salt Restaurant went.

Yes, you had to shut it down didn't you?

Yes, you had to shut it down didn’t you?

Well, on 2 Jan 2015, one of your much hated Food Bloggers, Miss Tamchiak, gave you a damn good review. She even took really good photos. Hey Chok, why don’t you go take a look? Oh, how about LadyIronChef, whom you slammed in your interview? Damn good review too. Oh, how about the following:

  • Fundamentally Flawed said: “Bistro Soori charms by straddling Modern European culinary borders, reminiscing Asian inspired flavors and serving them up to their diners on a constantly rotating menu.”
  • I Eat and Eat said: “Truly a Great Enjoyment
  • Chow and the City said: “But I really did enjoy everything!”
  • Hungry Bird said:”Food: 9/10″ and “Overall: I really enjoyed the food here and would love to try their normal lunch or dinner food soon!”

So, did you pay them? Did they “do it for the money” when they reviewed Bistro Soori?

I don’t see [Sponsored Post] anywhere, so these people paid for their fucking meals, you unappreciative idiot.

While Food Bloggers have done some bad things, there are many silent food bloggers who go, pay on their own and share their opinions. “They are all paid” is such a sweeping statement, I don’t think you’ve actually put any thought into it.


Worse still, while you say food is subjective, you also think that your 20 years of tasting and cooking means younger people can’t tell you what is good or bad. Your own logic is so inconsistent, it shows exactly what you’re lacking: A Clear Thought Process.

I mean, what are reviews but opinions on a particular item in a topical category, right? So, when it comes to topics as subjective as food, opinions of food are bound to differ widely. Meaning your 20 years of cooking count less than you think when it comes to reviews.

20 Year Olds eating better than you?

You bet your ass people can eat better than you. If everything was about age, then every reviewer would all have to be about 60 years old. Palates can be cultivated from a young age, especially if that palate has been around the world. At the same time, eating more doesn’t mean knowing more.

Think of it this way:
Imagine a fat person. He’s eaten way more than a skinny person.
But he’s only eaten junk food.
His palate is still going to be undeveloped, even if he’s eaten way more than you and I.
But that Skinny person? Maybe he’s eaten well, or been fed well. He’s going to have a way more developed palate than the rest of us.
How you gonna compare.

Maybe that’s why you’ve had to shutter 2 restaurants down: You think everyone’s the fat guy in the story. 

So here’s what you really are:

You’re an unappreciative human being who thinks he’s better than other people. You think age validates you, but you forget that your survival can depend on the very people you hate. You’re a person who’s desperately trying to cling on to his need for validation by decrying those that can help you.

So Jimmy, if you can’t even get your facts right, then you’re the real problem, not food bloggers.


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