What we learnt from a #YearWithUber – Factoids and how to find out YOUR Uber Rating

UberPool, UberSleigh, supercar rides and fluffy puppies for a good cause. These were just a handful of the things Uber highlighted from 2016.

Uber Event 1

Aside from these tidbits, probably the most interesting things from them are the round up facts from 2016. Here are some of the best ones.

  1. The most popular UberEats cuisine is Mexican. Apparently, we love our burritos and tacos. Pity it only covers the southern half of Singapore now. Sad.
  2. 1,339. This is the highest number of rides someone in Singapore took in a year. Warren Tseng, general manager of Uber Singapore, did say that it could have been businesses making use of their services for pick ups and deliveries, or that it could have been a shared account. Either way, that’s more than 3 trips a day, every day. Talk about hustling.
  3. 3,050,000 km. That’s the total distance uber drivers covered in Singapore. That’s 5,000 times around the earth, or about 3.9 round trips to the moon.
  4. 393,500 litres of fuel. That’s the rough amount of fuel saved through UberPool, as passengers shared rides, reducing the number of vehicles going  same way. They’ve estimated that an equivalent of almost 24,900 of trees would have to be planted to reduce the same amount of carbon in the atmosphere. 
  5. 1 in 3 trips begin and end at MRT stations, taking business away from bus services all over the island.
  6. Changi Airport. That’s the top destination for Uber rides this year. Combined with the previous statistic, this means that lots of trips end up being part of a larger journey. If you think about it, isn’t that what makes up most of our lives, going from place to place? (Rubs chin philosophically)

 Uber was tight lipped about their plans for 2017, although they did speak vaguely about being more engaged with their drivers and riders. I would have loved to learn about specific that they have in store, at least what might be coming for January, but we’ll have to wait and see.

They also highlight a cool little feature that you can do. Visit www.yearwithuber.com, and the landing will show your city’s journey this year. After that, log in with your uber rider account to check out how your year with them went. Don’t forget to share it with the hashtag #YearWithUber too!

Bonus tip: Want to know what your Uber rating is? Enter the app, go to the menus, tap on Help, then Account and Payment, Account Settings and Ratings, then on ‘I’d like to see my rating’. You should see this:


Once you enter, you should get your rating, like this:


Beat that!

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