Osteria Mozza takes a nuanced shot at Weekend Brunch

Great weekend meals in Singapore are mostly fixture-based these days. You have your Wild Honeyesque cafes serving Eggs Benedict, or you have your atas champagne brunches that are breaking out like heat rashes across our sunny island’s hotels.

So, in an island already full of competitive weekend lunch spots, there’s already very little space for Osteria Mozza to manoeuvre, much less find a niche. Surprisingly, their new Executive Chef, Peter Birks, seems to have found a very unique spot in Singapore’s smorgasbord offerings.

The Italian Connection

Peter Birks Portrait 220716

Osteria Mozza’s Peter Birk

Osteria Mozza has always been a little bit too high brow for me to do lunch, and if I truly wanted to enjoy an Italian-based wine and dine session, I already have my go to here. Fortunately, there’s no such place for brunch (that I know of). It just so happened that the good people at Osteria Mozza have decided to focus on an Italian-style Lunch menu.

Stylistically, they’ve decided to take a note from their more casual sister restaurant, Pizzeria Mozza! So out with the white linen cloth, and in with a more laid back setting that focuses heavily on solid ingredients treated with authentic Italian flair and cuisine inspired by New York, Bologna and Italy to match. The fact that it’s highly-affordable, is just a bonus.

Opening Shots

Now, let’s jump straight into the food, with my favourite appetiser of the day.

Salmon Gravlax

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Gravlax with lemon, chives, shaved eggs, croutons and avocado, and it is such a palate opener. The 12 hour in-house curing of the gravlax leaves it slightly salty. It’s washed off, before being brushed with vodka. The lemon and chives give a refreshing balance to the heavier shaved eggs and croutons. When taken together with that avocado, you get a refreshing, light combination that gives your tastebuds a good reason to ask for more. I have to admit, I took more than my fair share of this item. 3.5/5

Not your Mum’s Mozzarella

Procuitto Bufala Mozzarella

Usually, you’d think of Mozzarella cheese as coming from a solid block and then shredded into fine strands to go on to your food. However, the Bufala Mozzarella is more like a pliable, semi-solid slab of cream cheese with some give when you prod it a bit. It’s literally Buffalo Mozzarella, made from the milk of the domestic Italian water buffalo.

While many people will jump at the Prosciutto di Parma version, I fell in love with the Bufala Mozzarella with vine ripened tomatoes and basil pesto.

Bufala Mozzarella with Tomato on vine

I love a good, juicy tomato on vine. The only thing better, is if that juiciness is heartily balanced out with some of the heavier creaminess that comes from the Bufala Mozzarella. I noticed that my fork would return for more tomato, and just a smidgen of that lovely cheese. 4/5

Pasta with Panache

I’ve already made known my undying love for Pasta Bolognese, so it is no surprise that the Garganelli with ragú Bolognese sits firmly in pole position here.

Bolognese ragu

It’s actually a simple dish. Handmade Garganelli, and the best ingredients treating with love and skill. The ragú stays on the more or less tubular Garganelli, and it’s a delight to just bite into it when the sauce flows in your mouth. Of course, the minced meat doesn’t hurt its case. If you want a hearty pasta, this one is a clear choice. 4.5/5

Rotolo with Ricotta and spinach

I’ve never tasted a Rotolo before, so this was a novel experience for me. The pasta sheets hug tightly around housemade ricotta, spinach, parmesan and pecorino. It’s really cool that the ricotta cheese was made in-house, and the freshness was immediately apparent on my tongue when I took a good chunk of the Rotolo with ricotta, spinach and tomato into my mouth. The ricotta definitely made my tastebuds dance, while the spinach gave it a much needed texture. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as heavy as I imagined. I was able to polish off more than I expected! 3.75/5

Mixing it up with the Mains

I did fall for the Soft Scrambled Eggs with cream cheese & shaved winter truffle for it’s creamy goodness.

Soft Scrambled eggs with truffle

The truffle shavings were more than generous, and it gave the eggs a fragrance but also lent a very mild bitterness to the otherwise lightly flavoured scramble. 3.75/5

Roast tuscan pork

If you’re seeking a heavy hitter, then the Tuscan Roast Pork is a clear winner. Forget your diet, and prepare your heart, because that crackling skin is going to lure you in for more than one bite. While the meat was just a little bit on the dry side, the rocket went well with it, so I’m not complaining! 4/5

I need to give the Eggs and Polpette with fresh ricotta and meatballs a very special mention.

Eggs and polette

The meatballs are simply amazing. Made out of minced pork shoulder, the well-made meatballs are both juicy and flavourful. When you swallow it, there’s a savoury saltiness that is left behind. Ultra satisfying, and even better when you combine it with the bed of fresh ricotta below. I honestly couldn’t stop going back for more. 4.75/5

Low Key Leisure

I’ve always been a little adverse to the glitz and glamour of MBS and all it has to offer, so I’m really glad that Osteria Mozza did this casual brunch.

Wild Mushroom Farfelle

It’s a good place to bring 3 or 4 friends, or maybe your family, and enjoy a few hours of being well taken care of by the solid service. I appreciate the fact that the staff were highly attentive and always looking out for us. Water was topped up, utensils were changed with each course and every single one of them knew the food well enough to explain it to us. I know it might be a small thing to many people, but exactly how many places have staff like that? Yeah. I can only give you a handful.

The Wrap Up

Osteria Mozza is great for a Weekend tune down and chill out session with your favourite people. Expect Solid Italian, with strong service. Above all, remember to have fun.

If you’re keen on weekend brunch, Osteria Mozza’s Three Course Set Lunch is available at a very reasonable $48++, with provides a choice of Starter, Pasta and Dessert. Alternatively, you could spring for the ala carte menu as well!


When: Saturdays & Sundays, 12pm – 3.30pm
Where: Osteria Mozza,B1-42-46, Galleria Level, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands (Across from the Theatre)
How: Reservations are available here or you can call +65 6688 8522

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