Our Favourite Pre-Wedding Pictures with 718am

When we were planning our wedding, a major stumbling point was photography. Me, being me, got ultra paranoid about Wedding and Pre-Wedding photography. To me, photographs were important in a “pics or it didn’t happen” way, so I wanted picture for sure.

Sheena and I also wanted someone who could bring out those moments in between the activity and noise. We didn’t want photography that was “standard” wedding day photos offered by with a bridal package, so we struck out on our own to find someone we trusted to get some great shots. That’s how I ended up working with 718am.

I first knew Edmund as a friend and colleague, and I knew that he was doing wedding photography. I also knew that he was flexible enough to work with Sheena and I to achieve some less mainstream shots. For our pre-wedding, that’s exactly what we did!

Going Natural

We did an initial 2 hour+ recce of all our locations, and then set a February date to shoot. We did 2 locations – Coney Island, as well as the very cool EC Proof Flats for our Great Gatsby-styled concept.

Here are the Coney Island shots!

We got up super early for these shots!

Love the detail on these shots!

This one is by far my favourite from Coney Island.

Going on a Charm Offensive

Our second location for the day was an indoor shoot. Sheena spent quite a bit of time getting props and planning it, while I went to secure a cool location. I was really happy that Edmund was able to put it all together to give us our desired effect and help us tell our story.

I really liked how he was able to bring out our chemistry in our shots.

Sheena’s work with the props and accessories is always amazing!

I love these shots!

I really loved the pre-wedding shoot process. Especially what we did with the concepting, recce work and discussion with Edmund.

I think at this point, I also just want to mention that his Instagram is where he posts his work most often, so if you want to take a look, just hop over here! If you just want to see more of our photos, here’s the link

I’m still working on the post for our actual day wedding, and I can’t wait to share those pics with you!

Until next time,

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