Play on the Bay: A Meal at Super Loco Customs House

The Downtown Core/Raffles Place area has a ridiculous number of snazzy upper-middle F&B joints that offer food with a view. The Loco Group has now become the bay’s newest player, and they’re serious about having fun.

If Lucha Loco is the Sibling who loves a good party, then Super Loco Customs House is the Older Sibling that knows how to cut loose responsibly. The interiors stay fun but have become a bit more polished, while the clientele is a tad upscale. The huge difference is the scenic Marina Bay setting which really comes into its own when the sun sets.

Now that I’ve done the location justice, let’s get down to the food.

Mexican Magic

Here’s the thing about Mexican Food: It’s got to have flavour without being overwhelming on the tastebuds. It’s got to go well with liquor. It’s got to be something a group of people can chow down and enjoy together.

This then, is why the Atun Tostada ($15+) is the perfect opener.


This is a Super Loco Customer House exclusive, so you won’t find it on the menu at other Super Loco Locations. I fell in love with the torched sashimi grade tuna that came together perfectly with the Oak smoked sea salt. There is a sprinkling of fried onion that really adds some fragrance to the dish. It’s not too salty, and opens up the palate for more to come.

Room for Six

My table was hungry for more, so Super Loco fed us with something irresistible to sate our appetites.


The Cerdo ($32+) is a powerful platter of Agave Pork Belly, braised onions, barbequed pineapple and black beans. Can I just say that I absolutely loved how the barbequed pineapple carmalised? The pork belly is cooked overnight in agave and a whole bunch of vegetables and herbs for that amazing flavour, then finished over charcoal. Take a mouthful of pineapple and pork belly at the same time, and just be prepared to lean back and enjoy the flavours and smokiness mixing in your mouth. Mindblown? Yes.


I also thought that the Pescado Asada Con Chili Rojo Y Perejil ($46+) was really good. It’s a locally sourced seabass that’s grilled to moist perfection before being served with red and green salsa. The red salsa is made from tomatoes, red chillies and paprika while the green salsa constitutes white onions, mint, dill, coriander, lime, parsley and tomatillos. The fish goes with either one of these.

Super Loco, Super Shiok


I loved the idea that you could come to such a fun place after work to relax with a bunch of friends. Super Loco Customs House does have that vibe, and the best part about it has to be how the food comes together with a remarkable view of Marina Bay. When it comes to the food, Super Loco Customs House nailed the fundamentals and then some. I’d recommend Super Loco Customs House for when you want to cut loose with your close group of friends. Heck, I’ll be looking to bring some friends there very soon.

Super Loco Customs House

70 Collyer Quay, #01-04 Customs House, 049323
Mon to Fri:
12pm – 12am
5pm – 12am

Closed on Sundays

Misc Notes: They also have a lunch menu, more suited to a working crowd, so you can drop by and check them out. For dinner, your best bet for a good spot is to rally up at least a party of 6 and make a booking early via Chope.

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