Review: Dojo at Circular Road – Sinful Burgers Aplenty

So I dropped by to Dojo recently after hearing about its burgers. While I’m usually not a huge burger and fries kind of guy (I prefer Chicken Wings), I’ve heard some good things about the place, hence my little trip.

The decor, while modern with its industrial style, is a tad too dark for my liking. I thought the posters were a nice little touch as well, a preamble to the food that you were about to eat. One thing that needs fixing is their ventilation system – I walked in and instantly wanted to get out to avoid having the smell of oil on my clothes. The 30-seater can get cramped during lunchtime, so if you’re thinking of going, make sure you get there a little earlier.


Dojo is Industrial Chic in the CBD with a touch of indulgence

Dojo’s menu is very streamlined, as opposed to a giant, sprawling menu that some eateries have. They have 4 main burgers, each named after a faux-Asian icon. Burgers run the gamut, from a sloppy chilli mince meat version called Hadouken to the crunchy mess that is the Sumo. Sides of note include the Pork Grillets ($6) and the Chilli Cheese Fries.

Since I was alone, I decided to choose their most decadent treat. The Sumo ($13) is no joke: It’s a juicy patty treacled with a sweet sauce, topped off by crunchy strips of pork belly. When I bit into it, the crunch of the pork belly strips was audible, giving it some serious texture before the pork patty’s sweetness took over. The best part is that the burger comes with fries! Indeed, The Sumo is an honest treat for those in search of a bit of satisfaction.

Final Round up

Pros: Strong, streamlined burger line-up, decadent ingredients and great focus on quality. Fair Pricing too!

Cons: Small and squeezy. Long waiting times and definitely not someplace to go if you don’t want to smell funny after lunch.

Dojo is at: 72 Circular Road
Opening Hours: Mon – Sat 11am – 9.30pm

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