Singapore Cocktail Week 2016: A Sneak Peek

I recently had the chance to get a sneak preview (and sneak in a few drinks) at some of the participating restaurants at this year’s Singapore Cocktail Week, happening 12 – 19th March. I cannot wait because a whole host of brunches and workshops will take place throughout that week. Not to mention the $14++ cocktails available to all Singapore Cocktail Week 2016 wristband holders!

Tanuki Raw (Middle Road Branch)

The preview took place across town, and there weren’t any misses this year, only hits. I’ll start you off by whetting your appetite and padding your tummies with this fantastic Truffle Yakiniku Beef Donburi from Tanuki Raw. This dish is part of their special “Brunch Designed” set menu happening on 19th March for Singapore Cocktail Week.

Truffl Beef Don 2

Truffle Beef Rice

This beef was phenomenal. The beef is a soft and well-textured medium rare, and the rice is fluffy and filling. The magic, however, happens when that egg comes together with the rice. If there’s only one thing you eat there, it’s this. As for drinks, while lighter palettes would love the Tanuki Garden cocktail (Pictured behind that heavenly Donburi), I preferred the heavier Bakon and Espresso. 

Bakon and Espresso (Edit Bottle out) copy

This potent mix of Bacon-flavoured vodka, Red Espresso, Fortune Cookie Chai Syrup and Egg White is THE drink to kick start the day. It’s basically a breakfast drink, if you will. The espresso is strong, and while the bacon in the vodka doesn’t stand out initially, there is just a slight inkling of it towards the end. The initial sharpness in the flavour profile is encouraged by the vodka, so it gives you a good kick in the tastebuds. Like I said, this is the perfect wake-up drink. This, and a whole list of other drinks, are available throughout Singapore Cocktail week at only $14++. 

Lucha Loco

Sombreros and loud music is the order of the day at this lively place. We had a chance to take in a medley of cocktails, but the Loco Pisco Sour stood out for me. This refreshing mix of Pisco, Mezcal, Egg White Yuzu, Lime and Orange Zest is vibrant, yet gentle on flavours. It’s one of those drinks that lift the tastebuds and keeps you going.

Loco Pisco Sour

On the more classic side of things, there is the El Negroni. It’s balanced, and I think there’s merit to taking this drink right before you launch into a meal. It’s one of those drinks that you go for when it’s “tune-down” time. This Negroni hold a slight twist in the ingredients, as it holds true to Lucha Loco’s more Mexican-style of doing things. It’s made out of Mezcal, XO Café Dark Cocoa, Cynar liqueur, egg white and flamed orange. I heard that this drink might be available after the Singapore Cocktail Week, but it’ll probably not be at $14++.

El Negroni

The Tippling Club

The team at the Tippling Club knew that we were already 6 drinks into the night and suspected that we were kind of heavy headed, so we they whipped up a refreshing Tanaka Collins (also $14++), also available during this year’s Singapore Cocktail Week. Interacting with the team, we found out that this drink was named after one of their suppliers. In fact, many of their drinks are named after suppliers and friends.

Tanaka Collins Tippling Club

The team at Tippling Club used Yuzu, Vodka, Lemon, Gomme and Soda to produce this tasty little cocktail. It’s sprightly and fresh without being too strong in flavour.

Getting into Singapore Cocktail Week 2016

There’ll be a whole bunch of activities, including workshops, brunches and supper clubs at some of Singapore’s best nightspots. We’re talking about places like 28 HongKong Street, Anti:dote, Bar Stories, Bincho, Bread Street Kitchen, Catalunya, DSTILLRY, Fresh, Jigger & Pony,Lucha Loco, Long Chim, Meat Smith, Meta, Neon Pigeon, Operation Dagger, Potato Head Folk, The Spiffy Dapper, The Powder Room, The Rabbit Hole, Tippling Club, Vagabond Bar, and Vasco. There are plenty more, but these should be enough for you to get sufficiently excited!

It’s possible to get all-access to the every event by going to their website, but remember to do it fast because this is a super popular event!

I’d like to say thanks to the team from Food News PR for the wonderful evening. Keep tippling 😉

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