Singaporean dude has trouble getting hitched. The Internet helps to make it worse.

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Saw this post roll up on my feed and really, I couldn’t help but click to read the forum comments.

First of all: Bro, your gf criteria is just… level 99.


HardwareZone’s EDMW section probably isn’t the best place to ask for help, but it’s a pretty interesting portal into why Singaporean men are having trouble pairing up with women. After all, you get these types…

The one that denigrates you back

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You’re gonna hear a lot of: Are you good enough? YOU IN SHAPE ANOT!?? YOU MAKE ENOUGH MONEY ANOT!???

To him, you’re basically gonna have to be this guy in order to get the girl:


The Hard Truth Type

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Buay Zhun one. But it’s still hard truth because he says so okay? Plus, because LKY use “hard truth” and he’s always correct, means this statement is correct hor.


The Hijacker Bro with alternative requirements

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This guy is basically saying: “I also same but a bit different also. Let me say something k?”

Okay but first of all Bro: WTF is 7/10? Your 7/10 and my 7/10 will be different. Also, what is your 10/10?

Secondly: “Give me freedom” – What the heck does that mean? You want to work shifts then go out anytime you want? or is it that you don’t want to call her or text her until you actually want to?

Lastly: So, you basically want to be The Man lah? Nothing wrong with that, but make sure your decision-making is on fleek everytime, all the time. Can? (Learning from the previous guy: I know cannot, bro. Hard Truth)

The “Many Assumptions” dude

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Really. A LOT of Assumptions.

If she’s not highly qualified, her conversations confirm cannot be intellectual ah? You no MBA, cannot talk intellectually about business issit?

If a girl is talkative, she probably won’t be faithful and she would be difficult to maintain? Bro, who have you been talking to? Kim Kardashian is difficult to maintain, but she’s not THAT talkative.

That “Just Find a Foreign Wife” dude

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No. Really. What is happening to us?

Okay guys, I want to know: Do these arbitrary requirements make sense at all or is there wiggle room but you’re just not saying it?

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