The Clan Restaurant: Seasonal Dining at PoMo

I took some time out in the evening to drop by The Clan Restaurant to check out it’s autumn. Long story short: If you’re in the market for smart twists to seasonal ingredients, The Clan Restaurant will engage and delight in more ways than one.

As I settled in for my evening, the team at The Clan explained that the restaurant wasn’t the type to serve classic modern European dishes. Instead, the chef prefers to focus on less common ingredients, like Pigeon and Young Lamb; items that don’t usually make it to the table here, all at very reasonable prices. While each item in the menu has its own quirks, I’ve picked out some of my favourite ones from my tasting session.

Open Season

I tasted the Autumn menu, and one particular Cold Appetizer took my tongue by (pleasant) surprise: The Oyster Fin de Claire Trio


We’re talking fresh and firm Oysters served in 3 ways: In Sake, with Salsa and au naturel. The Saké option took my tastebuds by surprise, with it’s slight dryness giving a different edge to the acidity of the soy sauce in the mix.


I also loved the Charred Octopus, which was lovingly laid on a bed of crushed potatoes and piquillo peppers. The octopus was not tough, and I really liked that slight smokiness as it moved to the back of my throat.

Main Matters

When it comes to mains, my very first pick at The Clan would be the Wagyu Beef Loin. Just look at that marbling!

wagyu-beef-loin wagyu-beef-loin-2

The Beef comes on a bed of hot stones, so you’ll be flipping these juicy slices around and watching them sizzle. It comes with a side dish of Himalayan Pink Salt for dipping.

I do think that there should be some form of warning when it comes to cooking time, because the longer you leave the beef up there, the more it’ll lose its tenderness. Perhaps the staff could give a warning to customers as they serve this dish. Otherwise, this is a star dish.


The Kurobuta Collar is also another fine pick for a main. I especially liked the careful application of pickled daikon and cilantro milk for this dish, and the pork collar itself was juicy and tender.

Sweet Endings


The Chocolate Banoffee is the clear winner here. I liked the presentation, and that Jivara Coffee Cream goes so well with the banana passion fruit compote. It’s sweet, without being cloyingly so.

Ending Notes

I’ll have to say this: If you’re looking for a Fine-Dining Experience, then The Clan Restaurant isn’t going to be your place. You’re not going to get Micheln Star service, but the waiters are friendly and know their food.

The Clan is a good spot for a graduation meal, perhaps a post-project celebratory meal or even a first date. For dinner, a 6-course meal is a very affordable $78++ for Amuse Bouche, hot appetiser, cold appetiser, soup, main course and dessert! I think it’s pretty good value.


Address: 1 Selegie Road, #02-01/08, PoMo, PoMo, 188306
Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday, 11.30am – 2.30pm (Lunch)
Monday – Sunday, 6pm – 11pm (Dinner)

Quick shout out to the team from The Clan for inviting me to their restaurant! 

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