The pieces of our National Puzzle: Discovery Channel’s Singapore Stories


I chanced upon this trailer on Discovery and had to share it with all of you.

I know a lot of us are damn shag about SG50 because we really #simisaialsoSG50 but this series needs to be watched. These are the little, unknown stories that make us, well, Singapore. It’s directed by 5 Singaporeans who have a talent for documentary, it’s made up of 5 different stories, each one telling a different tale of the work that goes into the nooks and crannies of the nation.

There is no grandiose “we were a fishing village that became a first world nation” here. Instead, it’s telling little known stories about the battle with birds along famed Orchard Road, encouraging Urban Farming in our decidedly clean and sanitised nation. There’s even a story about Singapore’s oldest estate! It’s almost like talking about the puzzle pieces that make up the big picture.

Besides the usual TV screenings, all 5 Singapore Stories will also be screened this Saturday at LePark at 4pm onwards. I hope you can all go and support this wonderful piece of work.

Well done, guys! You’re telling the Singapore story loud and proud 🙂

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