The Truth about the Apple vs Android Debate



It’s been quite a few years since Google released the open-sourced Android to compete against Apple’s Gated-Garden iOS platform. Samsung came along and became one of the largest sellers of Android phones. Since then, there have been innumerable arguments for and against each system, with fanboys on both sides slinging mud at each other. Thousands of articles circulate the Web, telling us to buy into or leave each eco-system. People start comparing features, comparing apps and comparing hardware. Invariably, they start pushing opinions on the other camp, or blaming the other side for copying OS features, etc.

This bullshit has to stop.



Let’s take a look at both Apple and Android software/phones and distill it down to basic elements. Both run on smartphones and have:

  • Calendar
  • Email
  • Popular Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp
  • Voice Call
  • SMS
  • Games

… and that’s really all most of us really need.

But every single time a new version of the OS comes out, or a new phone is announced…. fan boy start getting excited for no reason.

But really, unless you’re using a 4 year old phone, you shouldn’t be that excited. Why? Well, we’ve been doing so much comparing and competing that we forget that the real difference maker is ourselves.
That’s right, YOU.

How you live and what you do decides the OS and phone you are going to buy. Don’t like to customise every facet of your phone? Well then an iPhone is probably your first choice. Want to be able to root the shit out of your phone and control everything? Well then maybe that Samsung is for you.

There is NO “better phone”, only the “more suitable one”

That damned phone is just a tool and the tools is only as good as the person who wields it. You decide how you live your life, where you want to go, how you want to do it, then choose the phone and use it to help you get there!

So the next time you want to choose a mobile platform, or a phone, remember that.


  1. Gaptequ says:

    i agree with statement “no better phone” it just “more suitable one”,
    i know everybody have a different perspective to judge a goods (handset)

  2. Roy says:

    Don’t try to catch up with technology because you will be broke from it. By the time you can afford the latest flagships, there would’ve been a newer model.

    It depends on your needs – are you after it because of the features or how current the model is? I know some people spend lots to impress others and to show off. Remember, a phone is for yourself and no one else. It is stupid to judge others by the things they’ve got anyway. What do you get from showing off anyway? Once you finish college, it will be more than what you have which people will judge you for. Can a phone itself really satisfy all your needs in life?

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