Things We Do When We See Salespeople

You know the drill. You’re walking from the bus interchange, to the MRT station. Then, you see them waiting. Dressed nicely, in their business attire, or perhaps dressed in a uniform polo tee. They’ll be nice to you, say hi to you, maybe ask you to do a survey. Then, the chase begins and you’re like…

If I don’t see them, maybe they won’t see me

Yeah. Maybe… if I just look in another direction. OH LOOK.. WHAT’S THAT OVER THERE?

“I ORREADY buy!”

Doesn’t matter what they’re selling. You bought it already, even if you haven’t.

“SIR, do you have Mio TeeVee?”

“Do you think it’s important to have savings?”

“SIR, have you heard of the National Hear-”

The Nice Man.

He’ll still say no to you, but he’ll be so nice about it.

“Boy ah I duwan lah. But hor, you very hard working lah. Very good.”

mai la

Siam ah. Siam ah.

This one’s a classic, usually used in conjunction with no eye contact.

Walk super fast, shuffle left and right and then blow through your obstacle. Sometimes, you’re even better than this guy…


Bitch Face

I’ve seen this done before. 3 Insurance in a row, and the lady just gives all of them the put down. Rolls her eyes, shakes her head, walks on by.


The “nope”

Brutal but effective, this method will kill every salesperson’s hopes and dream. Just a straight no with that face everyone loves to hate.




I know how it feels to get rejected (endless pitches, endless sales calls, etc), so for all of y’all out there hustling, you just keep hustling.


In the meantime, here’s a chio bu pic for you.


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