This Shaver Comes With A Cleaning System That Ensures Its Pristine Condition

Recently, I had the chance to take one of Braun’s more advanced electric shavers, the Series 7, for a trial shave.


Source: Braun

The Braun Series 7 Shaver promises to give men more motor power where we need it the most.

A Complete Shave System


The Braun Series 7 Shaving System unboxed

The shaver looks great, coming in a striking silver body that looks strong and has just the right amount of heft. Holding it in my hand, I felt like it really could tame my facial hair.


However, the Braun Series 7 is not just a shaver – it’s a system. A rather complex one as well. The box set comes with a docking station dubbed the Clean&Renew station. This special dock includes a cleaning fluid cartridge that is inserted into a spring-loaded undercarriage.


The undercarriage springs open for you to load in a cleaning cartridge

This cleaning fluid is then utilised by the Clean&Renew station automatically to sanitise the shaver head when it is docked. It is a little complex to set up and the cleaning cartridge lasts for only 30 cleaning cycles, so it may be a little cumbersome and costly in terms of upkeep.

Once your cartridge is loaded up, press down to lock it in place

Once your cartridge is loaded up, press down to lock it in place

A Smart Shaver

While most electric shavers are intelligent enough to track battery life, the Series 7 goes one step further. The device can actually track how dirty the shaver head is and gives constant feedback through the LCD display at the bottom of the shaver. As the shaver is used, the “Hygiene” indicator slowly runs down.

The LCD indicator gives battery and hygiene levels at a glance

The LCD indicator gives battery and hygiene levels at a glance

Once you dock it back into the Clean&Renew Station, the shaver syncs up with the dock and the system automatically chooses a level of cleaning intensity to restore the shaver’s pristine condition. Cleaning can be a little noisy but I really like this feature because it means I can shave, dock it back and know that it’ll be clean when I use it again.

Docked in and switched on, the system charges and washes automatically

Docked in and switched on, the system charges and washes automatically

Customise your cut

The shaver is a versatile machine which runs in both wet and dry conditions. The device comes with a whole list of options for a customised shave combination. For a start, you could lock the entire shave head in position, or unlock it and allow it to move as you run it over your face.


Secondly, you can adjust the shaver strength in three varying degrees of intensity. This is really useful because you can set the shaver to a lower strength for a beard trim or really kick it into high power settings if you’re going for a full shave. You can increase and decrease power mid-shave as well. The machine will remember the power setting you last used when you switch it off.

Finally, my favourite feature is the pop-out precision trimmer in the front of the shaver. It’s perfectly positioned on the shaver and allows me to get rid of stray facial hairs with a high accuracy.


Of course, the shaver head is jam-packed with Braun technologies like ActiveLift and OptiFoil that had helped to define previous Braun shavers. However, the Series 7 brings a new technology for even more powerful shaving called Sonic Technology. This new innovation allows the shaver to generate 10,000 micro vibrations to capture more hair with every stroke.

The Wrap Up


The Series 7 is one of Braun’s more ambitious devices. It exceeds expectations with more than just the bells and whistles we would want from a modern day electrical shaver. You can tell that Braun has evolved a system to go along with its consistently evolving shaver designs.

This shaving system is a highly sophisticated piece of gear for the discerning gentleman. Shaving settings are easily accessible and highly customisable and cleaning is a breeze. However, set up may be complex and maintenance can be a hassle so remember to stock up on those cleaning cartridges!

This article was originally written for Daily Vanity. Check their website out for more awesome articles!

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