Tsuta Ramen Singapore: Opening Day Review

So Tsuta opened at Pacific Plaza today, promising to bring the taste of the World’s only Michelin-starred Ramen from Tokyo to our hungry shores. I waited 70 minutes in a queue for a seat, just to find out if it’s worth the money and time.

Japanese to the core

Tsuta is supposed to give an authentic Japanese Ramen experience, and a good measure of that is how the crowds are managed. In true Japanese fashion, queues are orderly and order-taking/payment is automated. You’ll be greeted with a touchscreen.


It was quick, and I was seated at the bar. The premises only seats 18 people at a time, but it didn’t feel very squeezy. In fact, I think 18 is the perfect calibration for this type of establishment. After all, Ramen houses in Tokyo cram even more people into even smaller spaces. I actually had some space to move my arms during my meal, so all was good.


Besides that spaciousness, I realised that the meticulous table setting was par for the course. Everything from spoon to chopsticks was placed in a uniform manner for every single seat. Perhaps, this is the mark of a Michelin-Starred Ramen house?


Show me the Ramen!

You must be screaming at me already, so here’s the shot you’ve been waiting for.


There you go. Feeling better now? Right. Let’s talk about it then.

So, I ordered the Char Siu Shoyu Soba ($21). Because my partner in crime is currently living it up in Tokyo, I will need to return for the Shio version. Right off the bat, I will say this: I love the Char Siu. It’s not your typical soft meat, but a firm and satisfying slice of pork that you can chow down on with relish.

Now, the stock is a hit or miss, depending on your tastebuds. You see, I like the fact that the Shoyu stock is given life through the addition of a dashi that is just rightly done using seafood. There’s definitely a hint of clams in there, but it doesn’t hit you on the nose. A pureéd truffle with black truffle oil topping goes on to all of that.

I was impressed, but I also know that if you’re a Tonkotsu kinda person, then this would probably be too light for your tastebuds. The noodles are handmade, so you can expect them to be light, firm and easy to chow down.

Standing on its own


It’s going to be hard to compare Tsuta to existing heavyweights like Ippudo, Marutama or Keisuke. It’s just so different from what’s currently available. I will say that Tsuta offers a high quality product that’s a result of having a focused offering. If you love lighter Ramen stocks, and dine with quality in mind, then Tsuta is the place for you.


Address: #01-01 Pacific Plaza, 9 Scotts Road. Singapore 228210
Opening Hours: 

  • From now till 11 November 2016: 11am to 6pm (last order 5:30pm)
  • 12 November 2016 onwards: 11am to 10pm


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